Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021) plot & storyline






Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021) plot & storyline

A teenage murder witness finds himself pursued by twin assassins in the Montana wilderness with a survival expert tasked with protecting him -- and a forest fire threatening to consume them all.


Stationed in a lonely fire lookout tower in the heart of Montana's green wilderness, guilt-ridden Hannah Faber, a daredevil smoke-jumper having a death wish, is still struggling to cope with her emotional trauma after a disastrous failure of judgement. Then, as if that weren't enough, Hannah crosses paths with utterly unprepared Connor, the young son of the forensic accountant, Owen Casserly, and catches the attention of a highly trained pair of assassins bent on silencing the boy for good. Now, to prevent them from finishing the job, Hannah must put her sharp survival skills to good use and stop the killers, who would do everything in their power to cover their tracks--including setting the forest ablaze. Can Hannah and Connor escape from those who wish them dead?



lookout [ˈlʊkaʊt]
Noun 망보는 곳
Noun 망보는 사람
pursue [pərˈsuː]
Verb 추구하다, (어떤 일을 어느 정도의 기간을 두고) 밀고 나가다[해 나가다]
Verb (논의·조사·관여 등을) 계속하다
Verb (붙잡기 위해) 뒤쫓다[추적하다]
wilderness [|wɪldərnəs]
Noun 황야, 황무지
Noun (돌보지 않아서) 버려진 땅[황폐지]
tasked with ~의 과업을 부여 받은, ~의 책무가 있는
guilt-ridden 죄의식에 고통받는
daredevil [|derdevl]
무모한 사람, 간 큰 인간
smoke-jumper (낙하산으로 강하하는) 삼림 소방대원
cope [koʊp]
Verb 대처[대응]하다 (=manage)
Noun (성직자가 특별 의식 때 입는) 긴 사제복
cope with Verb …에 대처[대응]하다, …에 대항하다. (=deal with.)
utterly [ʌ́tərli]
Adverb 완전히, 순전히, 아주, 전혀(totally)
ablaze [əˈbleɪz]